A Beautiful, Desirable Town.

At Safe Landing, our support team offers compassionate, hands-on support at each stage of this transitional time. As such, we are pleased to act in close collaboration with families, treatment facilitators, and community providers every step along the way.



"Arlington is sandwiched in between Cambridge and Lexington. You have Cambridge, which is like the Brooklyn of Boston – a very populated, trendy and eclectic urban area. Head a few short miles down Mass. Ave. and you have Lexington – a historic, refined and prestigious community."

Capitol Theatre Alrington MA

Both Urban & Suburban

"Strategically situated in between two very different yet very popular suburbs of Boston, Arlington offers a more affordable taste of both an urban and suburban lifestyle for hipsters looking to start a family, boomers looking to downsize, or anyone who wants some space, some yard, and still be able to easily commute in to Boston."


Something For Everyone

"Looking for a new place to live requires some thought: Backyard garden or roof deck with a city view? Good schools or access to the arts? CSA or morning cappuccino at the corner café? Fortunately, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Arlington has a little something for everyone -- without having to sacrifice your identity or your lifestyle. And that's pretty cool."