What makes us different

This will be our first blog post. Please excuse my lack of writing skills as I strive to be as straightforward and real as I can. My goal with these posts is to convey our message of providing the best possible care for our clients in their continued journey of recovery or help manage mental health challenges.

I recall what one of our clients said to us, “Safe Landing’s family atmosphere is what separates you from everyone. What you have here is priceless!” Of course, it’s flattering but what’s more is that this is exactly what we had in mind from the beginning. A safe environment that provides our clients with not only the therapy and structure they need, but also the love they crave.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse can separate these women from family and friends. As they continue down the road of self-destruction, they become increasingly isolated. The opposite of addiction is engagement and purpose. I believe that our staff can help our clients begin to engage and connect, if they are open, as they feel safe, valued, and cared for.

Soon after our clients come to us, we begin to see them come out of their shell, participating in structured therapeutic groups, one on one support, and recreational activities. And more importantly, they become part of our community, engaging with other clients and staff.

Our program is a small family run entity. We are a step-down program from rehab or acute inpatient care, when clients are not quite ready to go home. We provide an environment with less restriction but still have some structure and more importantly, 24/7 supervision. At full capacity, we have 5 clients. All have their own private bedroom. Two bedrooms with en-suite baths. We have two large comfortable community living spaces with a large smart TV, as well as plenty of creative activities available. A newly renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and fully finished basement containing a yoga studio, hair salon, massage area, art studio and ping pong table. For more physical activity all clients have a membership at a local gym. We also provide a small storage area for clients who request it. In the warmer months, our backyard had a firepit and seating area with an outdoor grill.

As a bonus the location of our home is close to two major cities, Boston, and Worcester. As well as popular ski resorts, and about an hour and a half from the ocean. We’re just a short walk through a wooded path to a beautiful, serene park with walking trails, a large pond and small waterfall.

Our team of dedicated professionals go out of their way to accommodate their needs. Preparing dinner, driving to appointments, community outings, shopping, and as a group, attending movies, bowling, and other activities.

I highly recommend you reach out to us for a free consultation to learn if we would be the right fit for your family member or loved one.

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