Who would benefit most from Safe Landing?

  • Women who require further treatment following a successful completion of an in-patient treatment program for either Mental Health and/or Addiction.
  • Women who have a history of experiencing persistent relapse following a hospital stay or treatment program
  • Women who require medication management
  • Women who have substance abuse challenges that are complicated by mental illness
  • Women who seek extended term individualized care
  • Women who need to make lifestyle changes in order to sustain recovery


Safe Landing is a transitional living facility for women needing Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Support. Women come to Safe Landing from various hospitals and treatment centers throughout the United States.

Safe Landing fields inquiries for the program 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about the program or Admission, please contact Rich Summers, Executive Director, for a Free Consultation:

Phone: 617-461-9011

Admission Criteria

  • Voluntarily seek admission.
  • Seven days of documented detoxification from Alcohol and/or drugs.
  • No recent or repeatedly psychotic, suicidal, violent episodes or considered dangerous, or appear likely to become so in the future.
  • If prescribed psycho-tropic medications, must be stabilized and oriented, and provide written psychiatric clearance and/or mental status examination.
  • When indicated, must be willing and able to engage in constructive activities, such as offerings from Safe Landing, employment, or volunteer work.
  • Willing to accept further help: outpatient counseling, self-help involvement, as instructed and indicated.
  • All legal matters need to be resolved, have no active warrants and may not be a fugitive from the law.
  • No elective surgeries scheduled while a residing at Safe Landing.
  • Compatible with current clientele.


The fee for Safe Landing starts at $1,500 per week. As with any supportive living program, we highly recommend a 4 week stay to help assure that all the benefits of the program are experienced to the fullest extent.

This fee includes the following services:

  • 24/7 Supervision
  • On-call Registered Nurse for Medication Management and Support
  • Initial and ongoing assessment with in-house Psychiatrist from McLean Hospital
  • Three weekly one on one meetings with Social Worker/Executive Director
  • Check in/update calls with client families with Executive Director and Case Manager
  • Recovery Coach, engaged in the 12 steps and beyond
  • Case Manager
  • Career counseling / Resume building
  • Gym Membership, plus transportation
  • Local transportation
  • Lodging and personalized grocery shopping
  • All other modalities and activities listed on our website are available at an additional fee

We are strictly a self-pay program that does not accept insurance or any third party reimbursement.

Client Code of Conduct Agreement

We value our clients and want to provide the highest-quality care and service. To do so, we need to set boundaries and expectations that will foster an effective provider-client relationship.

The following list outlines the code of conduct that is expected during a stay at Safe Landing. In return, we will make every effort to accommodate our client’s needs. Listed are the expectations during a client’s stay, as infractions may result in dismissal as well as loss of treatment service fees.

Expectations for Safe Landing Clients:

  1. I will treat all parties at Safe Landing including peers and staff with respect, compassion, and dignity.
  2. I will comply with my treatment plan and recommendations.
  3. I will not bring any alcohol or controlled substances that are not prescribed on Safe Landing premises.
  4. I will not use any illegal controlled substances on Safe Landing premises and I will not misuse or self-prescribe/medicate with legal controlled substances.
  5. I will not share my medication with anyone.
  6. I will store all my medication in the office safe to prevent it from being lost, stolen, or unintentionally used by others.
  7. I agree to take a drug test upon request.
  8. I will respect the private space (client bedrooms) of my peers and will not enter without their knowledge or consent of staff.
  9. If I require more intensive and extensive support, which may require my discharge from Safe Landing to a more secure location, there will be no reimbursement.
  10. Safe Landing reserves the right to discharge clients that do not adhere to its policies hence forth on the Client Code of Conduct. Removal of this sort will not constitute any reimbursement.

I have read and understand the above-listed expectations. I also understand that failure to meet these expectations may result in my immediate discharge.

This agreement is between client, the guarantor, and Safe Landing, LLC. and will be signed by all parties upon admittance.

Healing from Within

  • Intimate Home & Family Setting
  • Weekly Family/Client Support Update Calls from Executive Director
  • Transportation to Treatment Related Appointments & Meetings
  • Customized Eating and Shopping for Every Client
  • Customized Treatment Groups Offered Dependent on the Population.
  • Community Involvement
  • Health Club Membership & Evaluation Available During Stay.
  • Required Number of Structured Hours Outside the Program Monitored by Case Manager

Road to Recovery

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