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Highly recommend! Safe Landing Home offered the best treatment setting for my daughter I could have hoped for and has far exceeded my expectations. For the first time in years, I see the whole, strong, vibrant woman she was meant to be.

In my first conversation with Rich Summers, he spoke about “meeting clients where they are,” and subsequently delivered on that philosophy every day. This intentionally smaller transitional living program provided a level of personalized care my daughter wouldn’t have received anywhere else. Rich and his staff are guided by decades of experience treating both addiction and co-occurring disorders. This combined approach was critical for my daughter, and isn’t easy to find. What I also find unique about Safe Landing is that they address each client’s needs with flexibility. My daughter was able to move through the program at a pace and with the resources that were best suited to her. I love that they provide a range of conventional and progressive modalities for recovery and long term healing, both in-house and in the community. In my daughter’s case, she received excellent MD and RN oversight of all medications (there were many), along with regular counseling sessions. This was the first time in her many years of mental health and addiction treatment that her caregivers communicated regularly with one another to coordinate her treatment. So important! She attended regular SMART Recovery meetings, took advantage of opportunities to exercise regularly, participated in therapeutic work at Cultivate Farm, and also worked with Safe Landing staff to develop a regular meditation practice, which she absolutely loves. I find that Safe Landing nurtures integrated mind-body-spirit healing in a way that other programs do not.

Obviously, the safety and sobriety of their clients is their first priority. They demonstrate this through appropriate levels of supervision and drug testing. They continually monitor and assess progress, gradually introducing greater independence when the client is ready, rather than at pre-set intervals, as many programs do. They did an amazing job of working with the entire family to support our loved one’s recovery, as well as supporting our own healing. Every member of their team has been available, responsive, compassionate, and professional whenever I have reached out. They’ve also pro-actively reached out to me as appropriate, while always honoring patient confidentiality.

Dealing with my daughter’s addiction, I often felt like I was frantically searching for the light switch in a dark, unfamiliar room. From day one, Rich and his team shone their light…in more ways than one. They helped to make clear what to expect (and what not to expect) during treatment and the course of recovery. I could always count on them to treat me with both compassion and honesty, even when the truth wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to hear. They are a group of remarkable individuals, who are filled with genuine concern for their clients. My daughter has told me numerous times how grateful she is that Safe Landing has been part of her recovery. Along with receiving excellent treatment, she developed very meaningful relationships there, which she continues to carry with her. They have treated her with the utmost respect and dignity. They see past the addiction to who she really is.

It’s worth noting that the house is beautifully renovated and is kept spotlessly clean by the residents and house manager. The physical environment, like everything else at Safe Landing Home, does wonders to promote recovery and healing.

I see Safe Landing as a model program. We need more like this!

Kim (Client’s family)

With scalpel-like precision–the team at Safe Landings helped reveal and release self-limiting beliefs. And life began again……..
-Tami (Client’s family)

I have my family, health and even my job back! Thank you, Thank you.
– Client

I came to Safe Landing to recover my strength, health and spirit. I needed to restore these to regain my independence and personal and professional relationships. I never imagined that I would grow in so many ways. Not only did I rebuild my health and relationships, but also my future!!

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