Mission Statement



At Safe landing, we are dedicated to improving the lives of men through empowerment, deep engagement, and integrity.

We implement this mission by providing the highest quality of compassionate and individualized care to men who are transitioning from various treatment programs.

By providing our residents with a safe, independent living environment where they are thoroughly supported by our on-site staff, we further develop the process of creating independence, strength, and self-worth.

Supportive Living for men in Recovery

At Safe Landing, our team is dedicated to empowering men who are struggling with substance abuse as well as mental health challenges. We use a variety of support modalities to help residents on their road to recovery. Our team addresses the many different obstacles that residents may encounter while making the sometimes challenging changes necessary to a new way of living. We encourage residents to take an active role in teaming up with us to create a plan of action to address those challenges and design the healthy, successful life they desire.

We understand that recovery is lifelong. That is why we have designed a transitional home where men can feel empowered and inspired to continue their journey of recovery in a less restrictive environment. Our addiction and mental health support focuses on the individual. We identify and set goals that are specific to each resident by offering a variety of  services designed to help regain their health and overall wellness. We build on the individuals’ strengths to encourage his continued commitment to recovery.

When it comes to developing a support plan, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. We instead assess each individual’s unique challenges and find supportive solutions that fit their needs. Our support services are designed to address the underlying causes of addiction, which may include co-occurring mental health issues. At Safe Landing, our team is committed to helping our residents find the courage to address these difficult challenges in order to live a full and healthy life.

For more information about our unique services, please contact us at 617-934-2159.

Road to Recovery

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