Supportive Living For Men.

At Safe Landing, our support team offers compassionate, hands-on support at each stage of this transitional time. As such, we are pleased to act in close collaboration with families, treatment facilitators, and community providers every step along the way.

Our Approach

We offer individualized support aimed at addressing the deeper emotional obstacles that underlie substance abuse and mental health challenges. Our unique one on one approach is completely personalized. We offer a holistic healing approach that includes daily meditation, reconnecting with nature, and spiritual awakening. We develop a customized care plan for our clients that is built on personal accountability.

Customized care

Customized Care

No two people are the same. At Safe Landing, we believe that no two recovery programs should be either. Our team of professionals are dedicated to identifying and implementing solutions specific to our residents' individual needs. We believe that a collaborative, holistic, and interactive approach best supports our residents' road to recovery.

Client care

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to our clients' journeys from the moment that they join us. Our professional team is extensively trained on how to best support men in recovery. To that end, we are proud to offer access to a social worker, a recovery coach, a registered nurse, and many other mentors who support various aspects of recovery. Residents will meet with the Case Manager and support staff daily. We are here to help you every step of the way! 

Therapy Office

First-Class Facility

We have staff on-site and accessible 24/7. In addition, we utilize a Blink Security System which provides autonomy for our clients and promotes independence. We are a first-class sober living home offering customized care plans. Insurance companies view sober living homes, like Safe Landing, as a person's primary residence, therefore they do not cover the cost. At Safe Landing, we have a minimum of a 60 day commitment. As a client at Safe Landing, your journey is your responsibility and we're here to support you as you need it.