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Our Philosophy

"At Safe Landing, we utilize a comprehensive care strategy to support our residents in a one on one environment."

Healing is a lifelong journey. We're here for you.


At Safe Landing, we are dedicated to improving the lives of men through empowerment, accountability, and deep engagement.

We understand that healing is lifelong. That is why we have designed a transitional home where men can feel safe, supported, and inspired to continue their journey of recovery as an integrated part of their present lives.

At Safe Landing, our focus is on the individual and to promote sober independence. Our hope is to be a vital part in the journey towards recovery and strengthen resistance to those challenges that may continue to block the process. While working closely with our residents, we identify and set goals that are specific to them to continue to point them in the direction of sustained recovery. Our residents are required to stay sober for the duration of their time at Safe Landing.

We are a first-class sober living home offering customized care plans. Insurance companies view sober living homes, like Safe Landing, as a person's primary residence, therefore they do not cover the cost. At Safe Landing, we have a minimum of a 60 day commitment. With 24/7 access to and daily engagement with the Case Manager in addition to our support team, we are dedicated to providing a structure that sets our residents up for long-term success.

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