Supportive Living for Women in Recovery

Here, at Safe Landing, we provide comprehensive community support services and housing options that empower women, with substance abuse and mental health challenges, improve their lives.

We offer a supportive structured community, providing individualized care designed to address the mental and physical components of drug and alcohol addiction.

In addition, we offer hands on support and education for family members, significant others, as well as close collaboration with treatment facilitators and community providers.

Introducing Neurofeedback

Unlock Your Brain's Potential

At Safe Landing we are proud to offer Neurofeedback services, to those women who are seeking an alternative approach to recovery management. Neurofeedback has often been found to be the missing element in an overall wellness and recovery program.leo-map_1000
Simply stated, Neurofeedback is brain exercise. The intention of Neurofeedback is to let your brain see it's own activity through video display which is driven by your brain waves. Jeff Citro, LMHC, is our in-house specialist who works closely with Neurofeedback under the direction of Dr. Bernard Vaccaro of Dedham, Massachusetts.

The brain is biased toward learning. If you teach it stress, it will learn stress. If you teach effective functioning, it will function effectively. By improving brain function, we can improve how our clients function in cognitive, emotional and behavioral ways.

Neurofeedback is a non-medical, non- invasive approach that allows doctors, therapists, and other practitioners a powerful means of improving behavior and relieving symptoms.

The length of recovery is dependent on the client's individual goals, concerns and condition. However, some indicators of efficacy are evident after only a few sessions. Sessions usually last about 30- 40 minutes and are provided to the clients on-site.