Transitional Living for Women in Recovery
Self-Pay Program – Insurance Not Accepted


Who would benefit most from Safe Landing?

  • Women who require further treatment following a successful completion of an in-patient treatment program for either Mental Health and/or Addiction.
  • Women who have a history of experiencing persistent relapse following a hospital stay or treatment program
  • Women who require medication management
  • Women who have substance abuse challenges that are complicated by mental illness
  • Women who seek extended term individualized care
  • Women who need to make lifestyle changes in order to sustain recovery


Safe Landing is a transitional living facility for women needing Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Support. Women come to Safe Landing from various hospitals and treatment centers throughout the United States.

Safe Landing fields inquiries for the program 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about the program or Admission, please contact Rich Summers, Executive Director, for a Free Consultation:

Phone: 617-461-9011

The fee for Safe Landing starts at $2,500 per week. As with any supportive living program, we highly recommend a 4 week stay to help assure that all the benefits of the program are experienced to the fullest extent.

We are strictly a self-pay program that does not accept insurance or any third party reimbursement.

Road to Recovery

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Healing from Within

  • Intimate Home & Family Setting
  • Weekly Family/Client Support Update Calls from Executive Director
  • Transportation to Treatment Related Appointments & Meetings
  • Customized Eating and Shopping for Every Client
  • Customized Treatment Groups Offered Dependent on the Population.
  • Community Involvement
  • Health Club Membership & Evaluation Available During Stay.
  • Required Number of Structured Hours Outside the Program Monitored by Case Manager