Addiction Treatment Recovery Center for Women Available in Leominster, Massachusetts

Transitional Living for Women in Recovery

Safe Landing, Sober House for Women in MA is a supportive community living environment for women in recovery. Our mission is to empower women with substance abuse, alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges regain their independence so they can reclaim their lives. Our addiction recovery specialists understand that with the right counseling and recovery support, women who are challenged with drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness, can and do attain physical wellness, achieve meaningful life goals and are productive and valued members of their community. Our transitional living facility fosters recovery by helping women develop skills and acquire the resources they need to live productive lives.

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Addiction, Mental Health Counseling & Recovery

We understand that recovery is lifelong. That is why we have designed a transitional home where women can feel empowered and inspired to continue their journey of recovery in a less restrictive environment. Our addiction and mental health treatment program's focus is on the individual. We identify and set goals that are specific to each woman, by offering a wide variety of innovative services designed to help women specifically with addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges, regain their health and overall wellness. We build on the individuals' strengths to help her continued commitment to recovery.

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Questions and answers

1What is the recommended length of stay?
Research shows that the amount of time an individual is engaged with treatment is the single best predictor of long-term success and sobriety. We highly recommend that clients commit to 60 to 90 days, however shorter stays of 30-45 days can also be appropriate depending on the circumstances. The actual length of stay will depend on many factors and can be as long as necessary to get our clients to a place in which they feel confident in their ability to live independently, including extended residence up to and beyond one year. Our client’s task, whether staying for 30 days, 45 days, 90 days or longer, is to fully engage in all aspects of their treatment as much as possible which is the other most important predictor of positive treatment outcome.
2Can residents attend school or have a job?
Yes. Clients work closely with the team and Case Manager to determine the appropriate level of offsite independence. Structured outside activities are an important way to build skills and confidence and are encouraged at the appropriate time.
3Transportation, how do clients get around?
We provide local transportation for all therapeutic appointments and reasonable local activities including trips to pharmacy, grocery store, gym, and other requested locations. Public Transportation is also available including Boston/Leominster Train line.
4How will residents connect with Outpatient Services to support their recovery?
The Case Manager will work closely with clients to arrange needed outpatient services and whenever possible will work with your insurance provider to cover these services.
5Can residents have guests?
All Residents will work with the Case Manager and treatment team to determine when guests are appropriate. Case Manager will assist with arranging visits with family and friends. All guests are required to stay in common areas and overnight guests are not allowed.
6How will I know my loved one is maintaining sobriety?
For the safety of all our guests, we provide frequent, random drug testing.
7What self-help groups are available to support recovery?
We provide supervision and transportation to local AA & NA meetings, SMART Recovery, AWOL, IOP. The Treatment Team, along with the Case Manager, will assess each client’s specific preferences and needs and will facilitate accessing and scheduling the prescribed self help options.
8What kind of support is available at Safe Landing?
We have a very small census at Safe Landing (4 women maximum) which naturally promotes a high degree of Individualized treatment from our team. Our program provides 24/7 support on-site and each resident receives weekly one to one support from our highly qualified team including our Case Manager/Licensed Social Worker, Registered Nurse and Director of Addiction Counseling as required by their individual needs.


Our sober house for women is located in Leominster, Massachusetts, a small city located in Northern Worcester County.

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In Collaboration with Hybid farm, our clients have the opportunity to participate in all farm activities that help build self-confidence & self-awareness. A place where one can connect with nature and restore well-being. Along with caring for the animals, other activities include gardening, horseback riding lessons, Equine Therapy and Art Therapy. Please visit their website and contact us for more information about our Collaborative Day Program designed solely for Safe Landing Clients.

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